Book giveaway on Twitch.

We’re giving away six copies of There’s No Such Thing as Vampires on my Twitch stream — the more followers I get, the faster we’ll give them out. Five are Kindle copies, and the sixth is a signed paperback. The goals are very small, so even someone as lame as I am should be able to hit them… but only if ya’ll help me out! Check out the rules for the giveaway here, and join me on my Twitch channel here.

I’ll be live tonight, Monday, February 11, at 9:00 PM MT (11:00 PM ET).

I’ll also be live on Tuesday and Wednesday at the same times — check the channel for schedule updates. I’ll probably talk about the fails I had last night (they were numerous), play some games, and — hopefully — chat with some people!

If you’re unfamiliar with Twitch, following me does not cost you anything. They’ll offer you options to donate or subscribe to channels, but those things are entirely optional. Twitch does play ads occasionally — usually right when you get on, and then every once in a while during long streams — it’s pretty infrequent, in my experience. They’re good about telling you who benefits from each ad, too, which is refreshing.

Finally, I do have a mature content warning on my channel. I can, will, and do swear. I also sometimes play games that are rated M (Mature), so keep that in mind — basically, the channel ranges roughly from PG-13 to R, depending on the game and my mood. I do tend to stay away from sexual content — if I know it’s there, I avoid it. It’s just awkward for everyone.



I went and did it — I contracted with an artist to design a Twitch logo for me. I’m going to be mysterious about it until the big reveal (please let there be a big reveal, don’t let it totally suuuuck!)

Seriously though, this person has some mad skills, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with (after they wade through my disjointed description). I’m expecting a first concept by Friday – fingers crossed!