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Losing my mind.

Reviewed another proof yesterday. The interior is fine, it’s the paperback cover I’m obsessing over. It’s not even the front cover, it’s the back and spine. Teeny-tiny little tweaks that probably wouldn’t even be noticed. This proof was cut badly, unfortunately; I’m guessing the ginormous printing machines are miffed at me. The spine text ended up slightly off-center, so naturally,

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On publishing & nakedness

Writing is a funny thing. It’s painful, amusing, easy, really damned difficult, astonishing, disappointing, refreshing, soul-deadening…  In the end, it must average out to something that’s positive for me, because I keep doing it. (Well… that, or I really enjoy torturing myself and I just haven’t figured that out yet.) Publishing a book is something else entirely. It’s not a

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