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There's No Such Thing as Vampires

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When Joe Kinderman gave in to his fear of being hurt, he lost Casey to another man. When her car was found abandoned and bloody on the side of the road, he thought that she was gone forever. A camping trip leads to a startling discovery in the woods, and Joe gets the one thing he thought wasn’t possible: a second chance. Unexpectedly immersed in a world where all the rules have changed, Joe has to decide just how far he’ll go to keep the woman of his dreams.

When a widow asks for help, security expert Ryan Brooks is assured that there’s no sign of a threat. He flies to Colorado, believing that he just has to do a quick evaluation and a little hand-holding. By the time he arrives in Denver, his client has been brutally murdered. As the bodies start piling up, Ryan’s path will intersect with Joe’s, and they’ll both discover that they’ve been playing someone else’s game. Nothing is as it seems, and everything is about to get much, much worse.

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