Proofs & big news coming!

Short post today — there’s lots to do!

I still haven’t seen the first batch of proofs, but the second batch arrived yesterday. We made a couple of small tweaks to the cover – and I mean the changes were tiny, really nitpitcky. He was like, “I can’t even tell the difference, it’s like, maybe one pixel, you don’t need to obsess over one pixel,” and I was like, “Hey, man, that’s what I do!” and he was all like, “Dude, I can’t even tell that you changed anything,” and I was like, “I totally did, it’s better now, don’t call me Dude!”

Or something like that.

(It’s ok, I was born in California. I’m legally allowed to talk like that… and morally obligated to do it as infrequently as possible.)

We’ll have some news for you tomorrow. Big news, HUGE news, the bestest best news ever! Ok, it’s probably not that, but for me, it’s pretty exciting. Actually, it’s terrifying, but I’m putting on my excited face. (I mean, my excited expression, not a creepy horror-movie-flesh-mask excited face… that would be gross.) We’ll be spending this evening finalizing some details, and then we’ll let you all in on the secret tomorrow!



I intended to throw together a pic of fireworks for you, but then I started playing around. It’s now fireworks under glass. Or maybe really colorful bacteria.

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