The second book blues.

“How’s the second book coming?”

That’s a very nonspecific question.

At the time, I just gave my standard answer — “I don’t freaking know!” He clarified and asked how far along I was. Oh. See, that is specific. That, I can answer. “I don’t freaking know!”

If it ends up being roughly the same length as the first, then I’m roughly 65% done. It’s impossible to say, since I don’t know what to expect.

I seem to start the serious worrying after about 70k-ish words. I don’t know how much more there is, so I fret that it’s going to end up being too short. Since I can’t see the ending yet, I also worry that I’m nowhere near the finish line and it’ll be way too long. I worry that there hasn’t been enough action, that there was too much exposition, that there was too much yammering (or not enough), that I’m writing myself into a maze that I’ll never find my way out of, that…

Well, things. Lots of things. When it gets to be damned distracting, I remind myself that I’m just going with the flow. The story will do whatever it’s going to do, and it’ll end when it’s ready. And then I’ll comb through it, strip out a lot of deadwood, add a few things, rearrange some other things, wonder what the hell is wrong with my brain, and demand to know who’s actually in charge around here, because I don’t even remember writing that…

Today, I realized that I’m coming up on the 100k mark. That shocked the crap out of me. I try not to pay too much attention, because that just leads to obsessing (and really, length is the last thing I should be obsessing about), but I could swear that I’d only passed 70k just… yesterday? Last week? What month is it?

But I’m less worried about it being too short now, especially since I realized two days ago that it was missing a POV. That’s a whole new set of chapters to work on. GAH.

Despite my utter lack of planning (or plotting), the second book seems to be flowing from the first in something resembling a coherent manner. Some characters have returned, a bunch of newcomers have arrived, there was a surprise appearance from a character I thought had no business being there (the bastard has a way of just barging in whenever he wants, but to my surprise, he actually has a role to play), more information is coming to light, new questions are asked, there’s a bit with robots…

I’m just kidding about the robots.

Or am I?

(Insert maniacal laughter here, followed by coughing and wheezing.)



The writing room is still hella messy, but I thought I’d share a few pieces and bits. The first stop on our tour is the vigilant (though somewhat erratic) palace guard. These fine fellows are on door duty.

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