Implements of determination

I do most of my writing on a PC with MS Word. Word has its issues, but it’s like every game ever – save early, save often. (Except for those stupid games with stupid checkpoints that don’t allow you to save whenever the heck you want — I hate that.) Then make backups, and backups of the backups, and backups of those backups.

I was curious about what other people use, so I did some Googling. An awful lot of authors use Macs. And some don’t. Some still write by hand. Some use fancy-schmancy software, many don’t. I’m guessing there are some who still use typewriters, though I didn’t run across any during my (admittedly somewhat shallow) search.

The “where” is pretty darned flexible, too. At home, in a coffee shop, in a diner, on the bus, in the park, in your backyard — you can write almost anywhere, and all you really need is a pen and a notebook. Or a phone. I text or email paragraphs to myself all the time.

Doing it is the important thing. Doing it today, and tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. Even when I don’t want to. Even when I’m positive that every single word is terrible and the characters won’t behave and I’ve had five hours of sleep. When I’m having trouble, I just keep throwing words at the page. Sure, some (maybe most) of them will probably get thrown right back out again when I tackle the second draft, but some will be decent. Some might even be a little better than decent.

Words on the page is better than no words on the page, especially at times like this. We’re three days from release, my brain is utterly fried, and I’m spending at least four hours a day wondering how the hell I got myself into this. It’s a miracle that I haven’t spontaneously combusted yet. (If I do spontaneously combust, someone should write about it. And please, for the love of Pete, make it funny!)



Pen, paper, planner. The planner has nothing in it. There is no plan. Someday, I hope to have a plan, which is why I have a planner. Really, I just like planners. And now that I’ve used the words “plan” and “planner” repeatedly, they have lost all meaning.
That was the plan.


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