Weekends are for working. Sigh.

Things I did during Super Bowl weekend:

  • Spent some time working on improving my streaming setup (everything from equipment to space to images to software)
  • Streamed for several hours with a certain person who’s living across the pond for a few months. Managing the time difference was a bit tricky.
  • Designed some top-secret stuff
  • Research
  • Wrote. A bunch.
  • Watched Super Bowl commercials

Things I didn’t do during Super Bowl weekend:

  • Watch the Super Bowl
  • Relax

I’ve mostly been test-streaming off and on for months, plus guest-streaming with some other folks. The plan is to do it more; the problem with the plan is that there aren’t enough hours in the day. In theory, I’m looking at it as an eventual way to be available to people who might want to chat or ask questions about the books without making me feel like a complete ass. The idea of just facing a camera and talking makes me wiggy; doing it while playing games, on the other hand? I think I could just about handle that. (But let’s put the camera over here, off to the side a bit…)

There’s a weird little side-effect, though. I’ve never heard anyone talk about it, but maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention. I quit streaming, and then, say, sit down to eat something, and I realize that my brain still thinks I’m on camera. I’m trying to eat all dainty-like so that I don’t gross out my viewers, except I’m freaking starving because I haven’t eaten yet and I just want to shovel this stupid salad into my face so that I can go do the next thing on the list and my brain’s like, “Psst, everyone’s watching!” and I’m like, “I’m eating in the kitchen, you moron, THERE ARE NO VIEWERS.”

Ahem. So, how about those… umm… sports teams?

Here’s a pic from our latest stream on Twitch. No schedule yet – that’s the next thing I need to work out – but you might catch me (or some of the other cool streamers I’m hosting). (Just watch out for the Bandergrue. She bites.)



I do have a mature content warning on my stream. Yes, we do play violent games, but it’s mostly my mouth you have to watch out for. I can, do, and will swear.