It’s been a week since I wrote anything significant, and I feel like I’ve been neglecting everything and everyone. Hello, post-first-draft burnout. I’d nearly forgotten about you.

The timing was perfect. I finished the first draft on Valentine’s Day, just in time for a three-day weekend. I decided — brilliantly, if I do say so myself — to turn it into a four-day weekend. I could just take some time to relax, imagine that! Leaping straight into revisions is usually a bad idea, because I’m always too frazzled to do much good. Letting it sit and simmer for a few days takes the edge off of things, so… perfect! Long weekend, relax, and then get back to it.

The timing was terrible. The day after Valentine’s Day, someone from HR showed up at my desk and dumped more than six dozen résumés on me, wished me luck, and ran away. I spent most of Friday getting into a rhythm, and then spent the entire weekend fretting over the damn things, followed by two days of plugging away at them until my eyes bled, whilst simultaneously fending off marauding co-workers and their questions about things that aren’t résumés.

I’m done with that, thankfully, but now I’m about ready to chew through a wall. So much for relaxing.

Now that I’m thinking about it, that should be on my tombstone. “So much for relaxing.” How awesome would it be to stumble across that in a graveyard?

Right! Tomorrow, the revisions shall commence. This is also known as the time when I read back over what I’ve written and think, “I don’t remember writing that!” about once every five minutes or so. Yay…



I got a thing, because I spend a LOT of time at this desk, and my ass DESERVED BETTER.