New story video

I was sick, I’d lost my voice, and I had a stream scheduled. So I fired up Word, and Twitch, and proceeded to start typing. I only meant to let people know that I was too sick to stream, but I ended up going on this weird, thirty-minute ramble through weirdness.

It was weird.

But it gave me an idea.

So I hunted down a short story that I’d posted in my old gaming blog and did a thing. I think I’ll probably do more of this thing, because it was fun and felt like something I can do that isn’t being done by everybody else on Twitch. (Not saying no one is, because it’s practically impossible to do anything that hasn’t been done before.)

If you want to watch it in the Twitch stream, you can find that here:

Otherwise, I have a me-free version up on YouTube. I hope you enjoy it!