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Book 2 updates & the plague.

Let’s see, where are we? I’ve gone through all of the feedback that I’ve received for book 2, and the technical corrections are done — punctuation, spelling, missing words, and the occasional tweaking of a phrase. I also wrote a new (very short) chapter to add a tiny bit of semi-closure to one particular scene. I have two things left

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New story video

I was sick, I’d lost my voice, and I had a stream scheduled. So I fired up Word, and Twitch, and proceeded to start typing. I only meant to let people know that I was too sick to stream, but I ended up going on this weird, thirty-minute ramble through weirdness. It was weird. But it gave me an idea.

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Just for you… a little surprise.

Yes, for you. You, specifically. No one else! Ok, it’s for basically everybody, but sharing is good, right? That’s what everyone keeps telling me. (And telling me, and telling me…) We’ll have an announcement tomorrow (about something else entirely), so stay tuned for that. In the meantime… here’s a little something the brain gnomes laid on me: “Routine Maintenance“, a previously-unpublished

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